In 1998, T.A.Z established “The Dragons”, known then as “Savage Dragon Records”.

In 2002, T.A.Z recruited his younger brother Remy and long time friend XSF (Excessive) to be the frontline of the label. The Dragons began working on their first project, eventually leading them to collaborate with many talents in the region.

In 2004, their debut album titled “Rapademics 101″ was in progress, which featured Mac Mall, J Diggs, Mistah Fab, Yukmouth, The Jacka and Husalah of the Mob Figaz, GorillaPits and many more. During that time The Dragons were also featured on dozens of Thizz Nation compilations/albums/mix-tapes/DVDs. Their debut album was released in 2006 under Mac Dre/Thizz Nation, which made it to Rasputin’s Regional charts shortly after being released.

In 2009, “SmokeHouse Chronicles Vol.1″ mix-tape hosted by DemolitionMen was released, which also featured many Thizz Nation artists from their first album, as well as other rappers such as Slim The Mobster, Pretty Black (r.i.p), Johnny Ca$h (r.i.p). This project also made it to Rasputin’s Regional charts.

Production by T.A.Z, Don Pro, Swamp Kat, Klypso, One Drop Scott, Khanspiracy, Sean Fong, Gennessy and other Bay Area producers, as well as touring the West Coast with J Diggs helped catapult Remy and XSF to the next level.

In 2011, The Dragons reconnected with the GorillaPits to bring forth their “MONSTA SQUAD” collaboration album, which permanently placed their city (San Leandro) on the map. This album was promoted heavily, and made it to the Regional Top-200 Nielsen SoundScan weekly charts for two consecutive weeks within the first month of release.

Upcoming projects include “Dragon Dynasty” collaboration with Yukmouth of the multi-platinum and grammy nominated group “The Luniz”, Remy R.E.D’s solo project “On The House”, XSF’s solo project “Chasing The Dragon”, and The Dragons “Back Draft” album.

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